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The Drive to a Million Business Partnership is focused on raising environmental awareness in the business community, encouraging paper and aluminum products recycling, and raising money for our schools.

Since 2006, the Drive to a Million Aluminum Can Recycling Program has been encouraging environmental responsibility among children while raising money for their schools. Currently, there are 39 schools throughout Warren and Logan counties that participate in Drive to a Million.


With little effort your business can help raise money for our schools through recycling and foster environmental stewardship in your workplace.


Becoming a Drive to a Million Business Partner is easy.

  1. CHOOSE A SCHOOL TO SUPPORT: We have 39 participating schools in Warren and Logan Counties. Which school you choose to support is entirely up to your business!
  2. IMPLEMENT A RECYCLING PROGRAM IN YOUR WORKPLACE: With very little time, money and effort you can design and implement a recycling program in your workplace. And don’t worry...the Drive to a Million staff and volunteers are here to help you along the way!
  3. COLLECT CANS & TAKE THEM TO A LOCAL SCHOOL: Collect cans in your workplace in a designated aluminum recycling bin. When your bin is full, simply take your cans to the school of your choice. Each school has a large aluminum recycling bin that you can’t miss!


Becoming a Drive to a Million Business Partner has several benefits for your business.

  1. You will be helping our local schools and community thrive.
  2. Your business will be featured on our website as a Business Partner.
  3. The school that you choose to support may offer recognition to your business throughout the year.
  4. You will be promoting environmental responsibility in your workplace and helping the environment.
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